YMCA Annual Tom Warrick Virtual Meet

  • Completed
  • Sep 30–Dec 11, 2022
  • SCY
  • Virtual


Team Gold Silver Bronze Score Pts
1 Ridley Area YMCA logo Ridley Area YMCA 3 8 3 1188 249.3
2 Countryside YMCA logo Countryside YMCA 3 6 6 932 338.8
3 Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA logo Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA 5 3 2 890 220.0
4 Rock Hill Area YMCA logo Rock Hill Area YMCA 1 2 2 882 269.6
5 Champaign County YMCA logo Champaign County YMCA 3 4 750 319.2


Name Team Gold Silver Bronze Score Pts
1 Henry Chemel YMCA of the North Shore logo 4 120 704.5
2 Owen Gee Countryside YMCA logo 3 1 113 756.0
3 Blake Wool Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunami logo 3 1 113 702.3
4 Sheldon Lamb DSMY Marlins logo 3 1 113 659.8
5 Hudson Schoen Westerly-Pawcatuck YMCA logo 2 2 106 647.3

Additional Information About Result Files

Here are some tips and suggestions to make your team’s participation in the 14th Annual YMCA Annual go as smoothly as possible.

If your Hytek result file doesn’t meet the requirements per the meet information, it is going to be sent back to you for corrections to be made.

Changing Order Of Events

You are welcome to change the order of events. However, do not change the event numbers. If you change the event numbers or the age groups of the event in your event file, you will be required to enter the results into the approved event file manually.

Combining Events

For ease of running heats, you are welcome to run your location’s version of the event list however you see fit. For example, it may be easier for you to run 12&Under Mixed 50 Free’s and 13&Over Mixed 50 Free’s - go for it. However, you cannot submit a result file that contains that type of event. You will need to enter the results into the approved event file manually.


We get it. Relays are fun and hosting a meet without relays might not be what you have in mind for your location’s meet. Again, no problem. However, please delete those relay events from the result file that you submit so that your result file event list matches exactly with the one in the meet information.


If you have any that participate in your location’s meet, you must delete them from the result file that you submit. The age groups are clearly specified in the meet information packet as well as the event file.