Recruit Rankings

Name Power Index
1 Baylor Nelson 1.09
1 Liam Custer 1.09
3 Michael Cotter 1.13
4 Sebastian Lunak 1.17
5 Christoffer Andersen 1.19
6 Lance Norris 1.22
7 Joshua Zuchowski 1.27
8 Sebastien Sergile 1.35
9 Batuhan Filiz 1.38
10 Ahmed HAFNAOUI 1.42


Eden Troxell View Eden Troxell profile

Eden Troxell

Tifton, GA
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I’m so blessed to announce that I have made a verbal commitment to swim and study at Liberty University!! It is truly a dream come true to join such an elite program that is only growing! I want to thank my parents, coaches, teammates and friends for their endless support! I also want to thank Coach Jake and Coach Jessica for helping me with this process and giving me this opportunity! I can see God working in this university so I can’t wait to see how He works in me over the next 4 years! GO FLAMES!❤️💙🔥
Lane Murray View Lane Murray profile

Lane Murray

Wyndmoor, PA
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I am thrilled to announce my verbal commitment to the admissions process at Dartmouth College! A huge thank you is needed for my family, coaches, teammates, friends, and teachers. I am so excited to join such an amazing group of people, GO BIG GREEN!!🌲
Gavin Vink View Gavin Vink profile

Gavin Vink

Fargo, ND
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I chose UWL not only because of the fantastic academics but also the strong bond of the athletics teams. Coach Steve Mohs and Assistant Coach Andrew Lum are an amazing duo that you can't help but feel comfortable around. Their commitment to building a strong team, both in and out of the water, really cemented their program in the minds of my family and myself. They are inspiring figures who push their swimmers to do the best they can, and they aren't afraid to be up-front with their athletes if you aren't putting in the effort, whether in academics or athletics. The Wisconsin La-Crosse team is a close-knit group that I am so excited to become a part of in the upcoming 2021-2022 Season!
Mason Kauffeld View Mason Kauffeld profile

Mason Kauffeld

Washington, MO
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I'm excited to be a part of Augustana's Men's Swimming and Diving Team. I can't wait to the start our inaugural year this fall and spend the next four years competing as an Augie Viking. Thank you to my family, coaches, teammates and friends who supported my efforts in reaching this goal. #goaugie