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Team Management

Our free team pages harness the power of the Swimcloud to bring all of your swimming data together in one place. With Swimcloud you can communicate with your team, manage results, track times, connect to our global swim schedule and more. You can also enter meets, export rosters and more.

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Meet Management

Our Global Swim Schedule puts everything you could ever want from every meet into the Swimcloud. Meet hosts can set up live results, distribute meet information, accept entries, communicate with coaches. Integration with Active's Meet Manager allows real-time result uploads and works seamlessly with Meet Mobile, the most popular meet results app.

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Swimcloud Video makes it easy to take practice or race video and upload it to Swimcloud to analyze swim metrics and to collaborate with your coach. A Swimcloud Video can also be approved by the swimmer for viewing by college recruiters.

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College Recruiting

Swimcloud is the undisputed leader when it comes to recruiting, giving college coaches access to over 30,000 prospective student-athletes. Since 2017, Swimcloud clients have won seven NCAA and 137 conference championships including nearly 80% of Division I titles.

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