With Swimcloud Meets you can do it all

Global schedule

Stop the endless searches trying to find your meet. Add a meet to your schedule in seconds knowing that coaches and fans will be able to find it on the globe’s largest directory of swim meets.

Swimcloud Meet - Global schedule

The easiest way to set-up a meet

Meet templates

Start with our custom meet templates specific to your organization.

Swimcloud Meet - Templates


Create elaborate qualifying procedures.

Swimcloud Meet - Qualifying

Team invites

Invite opponents by radius or add your entire league with a single click.

Swimcloud Meet - Team invites

Custom sections

Custom sections allow you to provide additional meet information.

Eliminate errors

Swimcloud makes invalid times, misspellings, and mismatched swimmers a thing of the past. Our meet simulator will help you find the perfect lineup and even accept updated times at the entry deadline.

Swimcloud Meet - Eliminate errors

Verify eligibility & manage qualifying

Leagues and associations to ensure accurate times and verify eligibility. Swimcloud also offers custom qualifying solutions ensuring the right swimmers qualify for your championship whether by time or another meet.

Swimcloud Meet - Verify eligibility & manage qualifying

Collect fees

Swimcloud allows you to collect everything from entries to facility fees, parking passes, and more quickly and securely. Not only that, you can have the funds transferred to your bank daily.

Swimcloud Meet - Collect fees

Simple yet powerful

We've made Meets so easy to run even a swim dad can do it! Swimcloud provides all the functionality you’ve come to expect from meet management software but without the complexity. From seeding to timing to managing tasks on the fly, we make it easy to get up and running within minutes.

Swimcloud Meet - Simple yet powerful


Connect with your Colorado Timing System and external scoreboard. In fact, Swimcloud puts the power of the scoreboard in the palm of your hand.

Swimcloud Meet - Connected

Secure anywhere

Never worry about backups knowing that your meet is secure in Swimcloud. Even if your connection goes down, you won’t miss a thing.

Bring 'Live' results to LIFE

Results should be more than just a state list of names, places, and times. Swimcloud not only pushes results to your fans and the world, but it also connects those results to swimmer profiles, team rankings and more.

Highlight and analyze data

Get beyond just splits. See which teams had the biggest improvements, highlight records, best times and more. A connection to Swimcloud video lets you share race video and analyze performance.

Swimcloud Meet - Highlight and analyze data

Publish externally

Swimcloud deploys your results, roster and rankings anywhere in the web and Swimcloud Meet ensures that your data is updated in realtime.