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Swimcloud Entries saves time, eliminates errors and makes payments easy.

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Schedule in Seconds

Schedule in Seconds

List your meet where everyone can find it. Swimcloud is home to the largest source of meet results and meet information found anywhere. Coaches, parents and fans can quickly find the right meet and access everything they need to know from warm-up times to entry fees and even directions to the pool.

Set Up Your Meet

You can set up a meet, invite teams and begin collecting entries (and entry fees) in minutes.


Our templates make it easy to create events and set meet and scoring rules. Each option is customizable allowing you to run your meet your way.

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Create custom qualifying standards and procedures and Swimcloud can enforce them to ensure the right swimmers make the meet.

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Invite Teams

Our team selector makes meet invitations simple. Invite individual teams, your entire league or those around you with just one click.

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Submit or Receive Entries

Submit or Receive Entries

Swimcloud Entries virtually eliminate invalid times, misspellings, and mismatched swimmers. Build your lineup by swimmer, by event, or with our meet simulator. You can also import entry files from Hy-Tek's Team Manager, Team Unify and Splash.

Instead of searching through emails, meet hosts can see who has and hasn't completed their entries. Hosts can contact coaches directly to minimize the missed deadlines and Swimcloud can even accept updated seed times after an entry has been submitted.

Easily Collect or Pay Fees

Easily Collect or Pay Fees

Swimcloud allows you to collect payments for everything from entry fees to facility surcharges, parking passes, and more. There's no extra fees or monthly charges. You only pay for the transaction fees and funds are deposited into your bank daily.

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Compare For Yourself

Swimcloud offers the easiest meet entry system available and is always free for the submitting team.
Swimcloud Other Leading OME
Centralized Meet Schedule
Meets are visible on the world's largest meet schedule and deployable to any third-party website.
Lineup Builder
Enter meets by time or individual - use our lineup builder to maximize your lineup with just one click.
Customized Qualifying Procedures
In addition to qualifying standards, organizers can set customized qualifying criteria including qualifying from another meet, minimum participation and more.
Qualifying Times Only
Update Entry Times Automatically
Meet directors dictate all eligibility standards and if other times are available, they're matched automatically.
Enter With Times from Other Teams
Can times from one team (say a high school) be used for a club meet?
Meet directors dictate all eligibility standards and if other times are available, they're matched automatically.
If qualifying times are pre-loaded and matched with the swimmers.
Built-In Communication Tools
Meet administrators can send updates to teams right from the meet. Admins can select a group of teams (eg those with missing entries) or a specific coach.
Preset & Reusable Templates
Presets for the most common college and high school dual and championship meets are already set-up, but if you have particular meet rules you can set up and clone everything from the events, to entry limits, opponents and more.
Export Entries & Event Lists to Other Software
Payout Schedule Daily Weekly
Credit Card Fees 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction 5%
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Meet Manager

Provides all the functionality you've come to expect from meet management software but without the complexity.

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Each race tells a story and Swimcloud helps unlock that story by providing deeper insights into each swim.

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More than Meets

Starting at $99, a Swimcloud subscription does more than allow you to manage meets.

Video Storage & Race Analysis
Store all of your race videos and collect advanced analytics with the simplest race analysis tool available. A Swimcloud subscription gives teams unlimited access to video storage and analytics
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Swimcloud is the #1 source for college recruiting information. Each year over 9,000 recruits begin their college search on Swimcloud while hundreds more colleges and universities look to us to find their next class.
For Coaches For Recruits
Roster Management & Communication
Learn where you're at and see where you want to be. Know when your teams hit new breakthroughs. Communicate with your team, meet hosts, recruits and more with our built-in CRM
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