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Swimcloud makes race analysis and collaboration quick and easy. Shoot, analyze, and share video to help your swimmers unlock the power of video and analytics.



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Instantly share race video with your coach. By combining analytics and videos you learn what works, what doesn't and make adjustments.

Share video and race data with
  • Your high school and club coach
  • Collegiate recruiters
Video gallery
  • Accessible anywhere anytime via the web
  • Race video linked to actual race results
Race analysis tools
  • Professional race analysis tools included
  • Know & understand your key performance metrics


Spend more time coaching effectively

Combine video with meet results and advanced analytics to show your swimmers how changes in technique and race strategy impact their performance.

Video and race data
  • Video and comments are open and auditable for MAAPP compliance
  • Video metrics available to coaches to monitor adoption by swimmers
Video gallery
  • Accessible anywhere anytime via the web
  • Race video linked to actual race results
Race analysis tools
  • Access to professional race analysis tools
  • Help your swimmers to learn and understand key performance metrics


Share video and race data in the video gallery in your profile.

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Race Analysis Components

  • Breakout time

    The time from starting signal or feet leaving the wall, to the head breaking the surface.

  • Breakout distance

    The distance traveled from the start to head breaking the surface or on turns from feet leaving wall to head breaking the surface.

  • Underwater velocity

    The combination of breakout time and breakout distance gives you your speed underwater.

  • 15 meter time

    The time from starting tone until head passes 15 meter mark.

  • Split time

    The time taken to swim the length measured, ie. 25 yards or 50 meters.

  • Drop off

    The difference in seconds between the length measured and the preceding length.

  • Cycle count

    Number of stroke cycles during the length measured.

  • Stroke rate

    Time for each stroke cycle.

  • Turn time

    Time in seconds to execute the turn.

  • Distance per cycle

    Distance covered during one stroke cycle during the length measured.

  • Surface velocity

    Swimming velocity in meters per second during the surface portion of the length measured.

  • 5 yd/meter time

    Time from under flags to wall.

  • Final time

    The final time of the race.

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