Recruit Rankings

Name Power Index
1 Sam Hoover 1.00
1 Aiden Hayes 1.00
1 Luke Barr 1.00
1 Jack Aikins 1.00
1 Arsenio Bustos 1.00
1 Matthew Sates 1.00
7 Anthony Grimm 1.06
8 Tim Connery 1.07
8 Luke Hobson 1.07
8 Noe PONTI 1.07


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Chloe Gonzalez

Miami Beach, FL
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I chose to join the Brandeis Swimming and Diving team because of the opportunities and growth that await, both inside and outside of the pool. When I went to visit the campus and meet the coach, along with some of the swimmers, I could instantly tell I was in a very positive and welcoming environment. I realized, after speaking with Coach Nicole, that she cares about her swimmers. She dedicates her time to pushing her swimmers past their limits, but she also makes sure that they are doing okay in school and health-wise, both mentally and physically. It is not only important to find a community of people who will push and support you, but also one that ensures you are making the most out of this unique college experience.
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Elmer Weng

Naperville, IL
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I'm super excited to announce that I will be continuing my education and swimming at Carnegie Mellon University. Thank you to my family, friends, and mentors for every step along the way. I can't wait to take part in such a great team and prestigious school! #GoTartans
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Kate Helminiak

Sykesville, MD
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I am so excited to announce my commitment to continue my academic and athletic career at Florida Institute of Technology. I could not be more thankful for my my coaches, family, teammates, and friends for always helping me along the way!! I can't wait to study astrophysics and continue my swimming career!! Go panthers!!! 🐾🐾