Recruit Rankings

Name Power Index
1 Baylor Nelson 1.07
2 Liam Custer 1.09
3 Michael Cotter 1.13
4 Efe TURAN 1.16
5 Sebastian Lunak 1.17
6 Lance Norris 1.18
7 Christoffer Andersen 1.19
8 Joshua Zuchowski 1.27
9 Quintin McCarty 1.30
10 Guy Brooks 1.31


Ali Pfaff View Ali Pfaff profile

Ali Pfaff

Lexington, VA
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I am thrilled to announce my verbal committment to Duke University. Thank you to my family, friends, and coaches who have supported me throughout my swimming career. I look forward to being a Blue Devil!
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Ava Delaney

Carlsbad, CA
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Beyond excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim D1 and further my academic career at the University of San Diego. I am so grateful for everyone that has helped me along the way! So stoked for the next 4 years #gotoreros