• 4 years
    Education duration
  • Suburban
    School setting
  • Public
    School type
  • Medium
    School size

Cost & Financial aid

Average annual cost

Cost includes tuition, living costs, books and supplies, and fees minus the average grants and scholarships for federal financial aid recipients.


By family income

Depending on the federal, state, or institutional grant aid available, students in your income bracket may pay more or less than the overall average costs.

Family income Average cost
$0–$30,000 $14,597
$30,001–$48,000 $14,469
$48,001–$75,000 $17,695
$75,001–$110,000 $20,957
$110,001+ $22,295

Students receiving federal loans

At some schools where few students borrow federal loans, the typical undergraduate may leave school with $0 in debt.

Graduation & Retention

Graduation rate

Students who return
after their first year

Out of 5,623 students…

Graduated 52%
Withdrew 25%
Transferred 23%


Median total debt after graduation

Data Not Available

Repayment rate

Not making progress 28%
Making progress 22%
Forbearance 16%
Deferment 14%
Default 8%
Paid in full 7%

Typical earnings salary after completing field of study

Data Not Available

Student body

Student admissions

Student population 12,577
Undergraduate enrollment 9,203
Graduate enrollment 3,374


24 and under

Data Not Available


White 78%
Black 9%
Hispanic 4%
Unknown 4%
Two or more races 3%


Admission rate


ACT Combined


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing


Data Not Available

Data Not Available

Data Not Available

Info: Department of Education
Last update: May 16, 2024, 9:02 a.m.