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Vero Beach, FL
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I chose the University of Miami because of the numerous opportunities to major in pre-med. It is not only such a great and well-respected school, but it also has a great Division 1 swimming program. Also, the campus and location are gorgeous. The community is unlike any other, as well. Everyone on the team is so welcoming, supports each other in their goals, and drives everyone to be the best they can be as a person, student, and athlete. They were also so fun to be around, and such a positive influence. Also, the coaches (Coach Andy and Coach Zach) are so fun to be around, too, and they have a great coaching and training philosophy. They work the hardest they can to create each practice to be specialized for the swimmers so they can achieve the goals that the swimmers want. They believe in working hard, team culture, but also having fun and having balance so you don't get burnt out. These were the main reasons why I chose this college, but there were also many other little things that I loved about this college, too, from either experiencing it or learning about it from the athletes and coaches.