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Olivia Kocot

Chicago, IL
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I chose Illinois Tech because of the academics, swim team, and diversity. As a woman in STEM, I aspire to show the younger generation of girls that they can be women in STEM and become anyone they put their mind to. Illinois Tech's Biomedical Engineering program is the perfect fit for me and my studies. Being surrounded by a close-knit community makes small class sizes perfect. Living in Chicago my entire life has taught me a lot about diversity, which Illinois Tech is known for. Diversity makes us all unique, yet it brings us together. From the moment I walked onto Illinois Tech's campus, I instantly felt like I belong. I am delighted to represent Illinois Tech both in and out of the water, and pursue Biomedical Engineering as a student athlete.
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Tristan Minarik

New Lenox, IL
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Illinois Tech's accredited Civil Engineering and Swim Program is exactly what I wanted in a college. I love the ability to complete a STEM major while continuing my athletics at the collegiate level. Attending a school in Chicago provides advantages such as access to great museums, food, and culture. I am looking forward to my athletic and academic career at IIT.

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Mitchell Lucky 50 Free 21.96 +0.4%
Cole Kincart 1000 Free 10:25.30 +0.2%
Mark Klinchin 1000 Free 9:41.56 +0.1%
Mark Klinchin 50 Free 23.57 +1.5%
Mark Klinchin 100 Free 48.95 +0.2%