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Joe Nuss

Crown Pont, IN
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I am excited to be accepted to be part of Coach Stephanie's and Coach Jeff's Falcon Flock! The campus is so cool and full of history, the faculty are so kind and helpful, and the students are fun to be with. The swim team is best!! Each visit, they made me feel as I was already accepted into their flock. I can not wait for next year!

Personal bests

Name Event Time Imp
Aidan Gubbins 50 Breast 40.55 +0.4%
William Tarin 50 Breast 34.63 +3.9%
William Tarin 50 Breast 34.44 +4.4%
Nikolai Petkov 50 Breast 33.64 +3.6%
Nikolai Petkov 50 Breast 32.96 +5.6%