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Swimcloud Video makes it easy to take practice or race video and upload it to Swimcloud to analyze swim metrics and to collaborate with your coach. A Swimcloud Video can also be approved by the swimmer for viewing by college recruiters.

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College Recruiting

Finding the college that's right for you is easy with Swimcloud. A free recruiting profile gets you in front of hundreds of coaches. Our powerful search tools allow you to see how you fit.

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Built Around You

Meet results are more than times and places - they're people. Swimcloud not only brings all of your swimming results together, it enables you to take control of your profile, highlight your progress and achievements. Your dashboard also gives you the real-time updates on the swimmers, teams, and meets that matter to you. Just set your favorites and let us deliver you the results.


Swimcloud provides rankings for virtually all swimming data. These include top times, team rankings, swimmer comparisons, and performances.

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