Phillip Sadchikov


  • It’s been my dream school since I was a little boy, I’ve always been fascinated with the coaching and swimming routines. I’ve been following the coaching swim clinics for a while from this school and all the information I’ve taken in has turned me into a much faster swimmer than I was before. I am Inproving my times each meet that goes by, not because I am growing but because of my hard work and dedication and love to this sport. I would love to go to this school because there is still a year and a half for me to swim in high school and I know that my speed will be doubled over that course of that time and will make me a top swimmer of my abilitiy, I love doing breaststroke and IM the most because of the complexity of the 2 events that gives me a challenge. Money is tight for my family so I want to try to get a scholarship for athletic and potentially academic. Thank you for reading this and I hope to get some information back from you guys!