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Nolan Lahmann

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I am excited to share that I will be continuing my academic and athletic careers at Emory University! Huge thanks to my family, friends and coaches for helping me to make this dream a reality. Go Eagles!
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Kat Burr

Crozet, VA
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I am so excited to announce my verbal recommitment to continue my academic and athletic careers at Emory University!! A big thank you to my coaches, teammates, family, and friends for the endless love and support over the years. I can’t wait to be part of such an incredible program! Go eagles!! 💙🦅💛
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Zaed Christie

Seminole, FL
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It's a school in which has great academics and the programs I'm interested in career wise. I've also been swimming for an extremely long time and I would love to be able to compete in college. There are steps and opportunities I should have taken sooner to express my interest in swimming here, but I was not educated on the subject of recruiting for colleges. I already plan to apply to Emory in a couple days for early decision.
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Crow Thorsen

Athens, GA
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I am stoked to announce my commitment to swim and study at Emory University! Thank you to my family, teachers, coaches, and teammates in Athens and Asheville! I am extremely grateful for all of your support on and off the pool deck. Thank you to Coach Jon and the Emory swim team for helping me through the recruiting process. I can’t wait for the next four years! GO EAGLES!!!
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Johnny Bradshaw

Mc Lean, VA
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I am super excited to announce my commitment to Emory University! I want to give a special thanks to family, friends, and coaches that have helped support me along the way. I am thrilled to continue to grow as an athlete, student, and person at such great university! #goeagles🦅💙💛
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Davis Shelton

Tallahassee, FL
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I am very excited and proud to announce my verbal commitment to Emory University in the good old ATL, Georgia !! I am especially thankful for my family, teammates, coaches old and new, friends past and present, and everyone who supported and challenged me over the many many years. One of the things that I was actively looking for from day one of my college search was a balance of great academics and superb athletics and Emory has checked those boxes and much more. I cannot wait to see what Fall ‘21 has in store and until then: 💛 #goEagles #Emory2025 💙 !!!
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Anderson Holcomb

Loganville, GA
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I am thrilled to announce my verbal commitment to Emory University! I want to thank my parents, coaches, and all of my teammates for helping me be the swimmer I am today and for their support through the years. I also want to give a huge thanks to Coach Jon for helping me throughout this process. I am so excited for the next 4 years! GO EAGLES!!!!!
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Alison Kaiser

Bethesda, MD
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I am thrilled to announce my commitment to swim & study at Emory University! I want to thank my family, coaches, teachers, and friends for their constant support through this process. #goeagles 💙🦅💛
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Liyang Sun

Irvine, CA
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I'm incredibly honored and grateful in announcing my verbal commitment to Emory University to both swim and study at a high level. It's also really important to me that I use this post to thank all my friends, coaches, and family who made my swimming career really enjoyable. Swimming can be a really brutal sport, and there were many times where I questioned whether waking up in the cold morning to practice was worth it, but being able to be around and grow with you all made it more than worth it. Also a huge thank you to the coaches and team at Emory who played a big role in my decision. I'm really excited to continue my swimming journey that I know will be rewarding both inside the pool and out. LETS GO EAGLES BABY WOOO
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Ryan Gibbons

Winter Springs, FL
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I'm so excited to be swimming at Emory University in the fall! The academics are incredible, the school is beautiful - but what made the difference for me was a sense of community, belonging, and purpose that each and every member of the Emory community and the Emory Swimming & Diving family exhibited from the moment I first met them. I am incredibly thankful to Coach Jon and the entire Emory community for granting me this incredible opportunity to join this family. I am also so thankful for my friends and family for all of their support, my amazing teammates for always being by my side and pushing me to be my best, and my incredible coaches who have truly made me who I am today - not just as a swimmer, but as a person. I am so excited to experience these next four years and to go into them with such an incredible group of people - Go Eagles!!!
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Logan D'Amore

Scotch Plains, NJ
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I am super excited to announce my commitment to Emory University!! A special thanks to my coaches, family, teammates, and friends that have helped me along the way. #goeagles🦅
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Jake Meyer

Columbus, OH
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I'm proud to announce my commitment to continue my athletic and academic career at Emory University! I'd like to thank all my coaches, family and teammates that have helped me along the way. #goeagles🦅