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Carson Bauer

Knoxville, MD
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I'm super excited to announce my verbal commitment to continue my swimming and academic career at Towson University! I would like to thank my coaches, family, and friends for helping me get to this point. Can't wait to be a part of such an amazing team this fall! #gotigers
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Robert Tars

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I am super excited to announce my verbal commitment to UNCW swimming and diving continuing my academic and athletic career. I’d like to thank all of my family, friends teammates, and coaches for getting me where I am today. It’s been a long journey but this is just the beginning!!! GO SEAHAWKS🌊🦅
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Marcus Cantorna

Monument, CO
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I’m excited to announce my commitment to further my academic and swimming careers at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I’d like to thank my family, friends and coaches who have helped and supported me. I can’t wait to be a part of the P-Wolf Nation in the Fall. Go P-Wolves...Yip Yip!
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Quinn Bike

Saint Charles, IL
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I am so excited to announce my decision to continue my athletic and academic career at UNC Wilmington. Thank you to my family, coaches and friends who have supported me through this whole process. Every conversation with Coach Bobby and Coach Keary affirmed my believe that UNCW is the place for me. They are so dedicated to their swimmers and they love the sport as much as I do! I can not wait to become a member of the Seahawk family! #hawkyeah
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Ella Jo Piersma

Cincinnati, OH
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I am SO excited to announce my verbal commitment to continue my academic and athletic careers at the University of Michigan! I am so thankful for all my family, friends, and coaches who have been there for me along the way. GO BLUE!
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Evan Steffy

Cloverdale, IN
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I am excited to announce my commitment to continue my academic and athletic careers at DePauw University! Thank you to my family, friends, and all of my coaches for the endless support throughout this process. I can't wait to be a Tiger!
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Luke Nichols

North Liberty, IA
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South Dakota State matches my academic and athletic criteria perfectly. Joining the swim team in the middle of the pack is what I am looking for. Seeing myself improve through the team and having people to look up to is important to me. Academically I excel with a more one on one teaching style, SDSU prides themselves on having smaller class sizes.
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Isabella Rosa

Easton, PA
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I am so blessed to announce that I have committed to Swim and study Environmental Science at the University of Scranton in the fall. I chose Scranton because it felt like home, warm and welcoming, and for their Science & Swimming program. I would like to thank Coach Chris for believing in me and making me feel so welcome to the team. After meeting with him I knew it was the right fit academically & athletically. Coach Drake for encouraging me to swim for him when I was 5 for his summer league. And my High School Coach, Matt Ellis for pushing, encouraging, and guiding me through my high school swim career. Thanks to God, my family, especially my parents and my sisters, who are my biggest fans and who constantly encourage me to do my best. This would not be possible without their love and support. So excited to see what the future holds! Looking forward to the next 4 years! Go Royals!!!
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Sophie Sierveld

Lafayette, LA
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Attending Loyola University of New Orleans has been a dream of mine for years. After visiting the campus and meeting with Coach TJ, I knew it was the right academic and athletic choice for me. The last 10 years of swimming have flown by and I want to thank my friends, family, teammates, and coaches for the encouragement, strength, and dedication you have given me! #Wolfpack
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Ethan Hanson

Hudson, WI
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I am honored to announce my commitment to pursue my academic and athletic career at McKendree University! Thank you to my coaches, friends, & family who've supported me along the way, as well as Lori and the American College Connection team. I can't wait to swim under such incredible coaches and alongside these amazing athletes!