Race Analysis Features

More Than Data

Data alone doesn't make a swimmer faster. It takes the understanding of how race components relate to one another. Swimcloud RA does this by allowing coaches and swimmers to learn visually through the integration of data and video.

Swimcloud RA: more than data

Race Smarter

For years, race analysis consisted of a coach taking splits and reviewing video with the swimmer afterwards. Collecting advanced metrics, when available, was cumbersome, oftentimes inaccurate and not feasible for multiple swimmers.

Swimcloud RA makes race analysis easy, fun and puts the power of advanced metrics at the users fingertips.

Swimcloud RA: race smarter

Your Swims – Your Way

Using Swimcloud RA doesn't require any special equipment. You can record video with your existing cameras or phone and analyze races on the fly with an iPad or on your computer.

Swimcloud RA: your swims – your way

Meaningful Metrics

Swimcloud RA measures the most important metrics including stroke rate, velocity, distance per stroke, underwater time and turn time. More than that, because they tie in with Swimcloud's database of millions of swims you know they're accurate.

Swimcloud RA: meaningful metrics