NCAA Expands Division III Cap

A week after the NCAA expanded the cap on the NCAA Division I championships, it did the same with the Division III meet, slated for Minneapolis in two weeks.  Under the decision women will gain fourteen spots and the men twenty-eight. 

The move came after a week of work by the committee as well as lobbying by coaches, the CSCAA, and commissioners of the CCIW, MIAA, SCAC and PAC conferences.  While it is not yet known how many lines will be added to the list of invitees, it is expected that the members of the d3swimming.com community will have calculated the impact by day's end.

The memo released to coaches, and athletic directors reads:

The NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Committee met via teleconference Tuesday, February 24, to review information regarding the ramifications of the interpretation effective December 19, 2008, defining the uniform as one swimsuit or garment.  It was decided that the timing of this interpretation may have created an unfair competitive advantage for those student-athletes who competed prior to December 19 wearing more than one suit.

After extensive deliberation, the NCAA Division III Championships Committee approved the swimming and diving committee’s request for a one-time increase (14 for women, 28 for men) in the competitor caps for the 2009 NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships:

o    2009 Women’s Championships    246 participants (up from 232)
o    2009 Men’s Championships    253 participants (up from 225)

The number of divers selected to each championship (22 women, 22 men) remains unchanged.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this memorandum, please contact me or D’Ann Keller, NCAA associate director of championships at 317/917-6222.