Meet Your New Meet Manager

Swimcloud's Meet Manager provides all the functionality you've come to expect from meet management software but without the complexity.

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Simple & Intuitive

Anyone can become a "Meet Manager" in minutes. Swimcloud eliminates the need to create start lists or know what a com port is. Just plug in your CTS, run your first race. After that, Swimcloud automatically imports races allowing your "Meet Manager" to run the timer or focus on other responsibilities.

Powerful & Secure

Swimcloud lets users to make adjustments on the fly, audit the timing system remotely and fix errors quickly. Swimcloud operates on Macs and PC's and because your meet in the cloud, you never have to worry about meet backups or hard drive crashes.

Results Anywhere

Swimcloud works with your existing scoreboard but also allows you to deliver results wherever you like - from a jumbo video board to the palm of your hand.

A Live Scoreboard

Stop hitting "refresh" and waiting for the end of a race. Our live scoreboard lets fans follow every start, every split and every finish in real time while also highlighting records, best times and team scores.


You can use Swimcloud even if your opponents aren't. We accept and generate Hy-Tek compatible entry files and can export result files into any team management software.

We're Here

When something goes wrong during a meet you can't afford to have your emails go unanswered. Swimcloud is the most intuitive meet software you can find, but if you need help, we'll be there.

Tired of Your Meet Manager?

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Compare For Yourself

Swimcloud vs. Other Meet Managers
Swimcloud Other Leading Meet Managers
Seamlessly connect with CTS Automatically Manual COM port selection
Load Races from CTS Automatically Manually
Drag & Drop Entry Changes Yes - No Startlist Required Somewhat with a new start list required
Live Results Live - Free Delayed with $9.99 app download
Live, Local Scoreboard Yes - with any HDMI device If video board / scoreboard present
Meet Backup Automatically in the could Manually on a Hard Drive
Integrated Entries Yes No - Files Must Be Emailed
Cost Starting at $99 Starting at $349
CTS Interface Included $295
Network Interface Included with Unlimited Users $495 for 8 Users
Scoreboard Interface Included $495
Responsive Customer Support Yes ?
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Swimcloud Entries saves time, eliminates errors and makes payments easy.

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A man with a laptop using Swimcloud entries


Each race tells a story and Swimcloud helps unlock that story by providing deeper insights into each swim.

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More than Meets

Starting at $99, a Swimcloud subscription does more than allow you to manage meets.

Video Storage & Race Analysis
Store all of your race videos and collect advanced analytics with the simplest race analysis tool available. A Swimcloud subscription gives teams unlimited access to video storage and analytics
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Swimcloud is the #1 source for college recruiting information. Each year over 9,000 recruits begin their college search on Swimcloud while hundreds more colleges and universities look to us to find their next class.
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Roster Management & Communication
Learn where you're at and see where you want to be. Know when your teams hit new breakthroughs. Communicate with your team, meet hosts, recruits and more with our built-in CRM
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