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Bring Your Teams Together

Swimcloud helps associations to manage their seasons by bringing all of your data together. College Conferences, Summer Leagues, and Coaches Associations use Swimcloud to manage top times, produce team rankings, and records.

Connect Coaches

Keeping up with coaching changes is difficult. Swimcloud enables coaches and teams to update their staff rosters and allows you to communicate directly with them.

Manage Meets

Swimcloud allows you to set up live results, distribute meet information, communicate to coaches, manage qualifying standards, maintain records, and accept entries (in development). Integration with Active’s Meet Manager allows real-time result uploads and works seamlessly with Meet Mobile, the most popular meet results app on the market.

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Showcase Your League

Swimcloud makes it easy to get the word out about your teams and their swimmers. Swimcloud makes it easy for you to provide real-time top times and team rankings anywhere on the web.

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